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Insurance Requirement Checklist

To assist you as you sort through the process of complying with your insurance company’s coverage requirements, please read the following list of questions:

  • Have you read the front and back of all insurance cards issued to you by your (or your spouse’s) employer?
  • Have you contacted your insurance company regarding pre-certification at least one to two days prior to service to confirm authorization?
  • Do you know if your healthcare provider’s charges will or will not be covered by your insurance company?
  • Does your policy require a deductible charge? If so, what is the amount?
  • Does your policy require a second medical opinion? If so, have you obtained the second opinion?
  • Does your policy require that you have a referral form for healthcare services? If so, have you obtained your referral form and given it to your performing physician and hospital?
  • Does your policy require a claim form? If so, have you completed the form for submission to your physician(s) and hospital?
  • If you are scheduled for surgery, is your surgery related to any type of accident? If so, have you given all of the accident-related information to your healthcare providers, such as how, where, and when
    accident occurred?
  • Are you covered by more than one insurance plan? If so, have you submitted all insurance information to your healthcare providers?

    This will include:

    • Name of plan
    • Address
    • Telephone number
    • ID number
    • Subscriber’s date of birth
    • Completed claim and/or referral form.