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Programs and Services

St. Joseph Medical Center’s Rehabilitation Center offers a comprehensive array of programs and services. These programs and services are custom-designed to meet the patient’s needs in the following areas:

Medical Management

A board certified physiatrist monitors the patient’s health, evaluates the patient’s physical capabilities and leads the team of nurses and therapists in developing and carrying out the patient’s specialized treatment program. We also provide access to acute medical care with specialized physicians to care for any medical needs that may require continued monitoring while on our rehabilitation unit.

Mobility and Strength

Special treatment programs are individualized to restore and maximize functional mobility by improving the quality of muscle tone, coordination, strength, balance, endurance and joint flexibility.

Activities of Daily Living

Treatment focuses on preventing, lessening or overcoming disabilities. Such skills as dressing, bathing, grooming and eating are relearned and practiced daily.

Communication and Cognition

Individualized treatment programs focus on restoring functional speech, receptive/expressive language, memory and problem-solving skills, as well as establishing the use of alternative communication systems when appropriate.

Eating and Swallowing

Specialized intervention includes modifying diets, providing adaptive utensils, establishing proper positioning and teaching safe swallowing strategies.

Community Reintegration

Community outings provide patients with the opportunity to leave the controlled environment of the hospital and practice skills that enable successful return to the community.

Case Management

A case manager works with the patient from the time of initial assessment through discharge, serving as a liaison to provide effective communication between the patient, families, payors, staff and others.

Emotional and Behavioral Issues

A clinical psychologist is available to help and promote the well-being of those patients who need assistance understanding and adjusting to their disability.


Education is an integral part of the rehabilitation process. Through education and hands-on training, the rehabilitation program provides both patient and caregiver with the knowledge needed to better manage their care upon discharge.

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