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Cardiac Treatments and Procedures

Our medical team can perform life-saving diagnostic and treatment procedures including:

Cardiac catheterization. Doctors use this to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. This procedure involves inserting a tube or catheter into an artery and guiding it to your heart. Then, your doctor injects contrast to highlight the area. This reveals the structure of cardiac system. The test allows doctors to study the heart chambers and to pinpoint blockages in arteries and veins.

Coronary angioplasty. This is commonly referred to as “balloon angioplasty.” The doctor inserts a balloon through a catheter and guides it to a clogged area of the coronary artery. There the balloon can be inflated to widen the passage and increase blood flow to the heart.

Cardiac Treatments

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Coronary stents. The doctor inserts a mesh stent into a coronary artery to provide structural support for the artery. In most cases, this stent is coated with a drug that keeps plaque from forming again and reduces complications. This procedure helps patients avoid coronary artery bypass graft surgery and further heart attacks.

Pacemakers/defibrillators. Doctors implant these small devices to promote natural heart activity and regular heart rhythms. According to a recent study, implantable cardiac defibrillators (ICDs) reduced death by 23 percent in people with moderate heart failure and poor heart pumping function, compared to those who did not receive defibrillators.

Coronary rotablator system procedure. This catheter-based device removes tissue (plaque) blocking an artery and improves the blood supply to the heart.

Venous Ablation Therapy treats venous reflux disease with a minimally invasive radio frequency ablation that effectively shrinks the diseased vein. Symptoms of this disease can include discoloration, pain in the legs, swelling and ulcers.

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